Green Deals – Sustainable out of the Crisis

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    Accelerate on current themes

    Current initiatives have been accelerated in a short time. Interesting coalitions have emerged or existing coalitions have been strengthened of parties that want to focus on themes such as circular textiles, the region as a bicycle metropolis, technical talent & sustainable jobs and new-build houses made of wood. The starting point is that concrete investment propositions are developed for various themes or other firm agreements are made for employment and a smart, green and healthy region.

    State of the Region

    On December 2, during the ‘State of the Region’ event, the first results of the Green Deals Sustainable from the crisis were presented for a number of themes. You can find the State of the Region report and the speech by Femke Halsema, chair of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and of the Amsterdam Economic Board here .

    Technical talent and inflow of sustainable jobs

    Helping people from work to work by joining forces

    In the coming years, a lot of investments will be made in making homes and social real estate more sustainable, in heating and power networks and in sustainable production processes. Research by SEO shows that in North Holland alone, 16,000 people are needed for this every year. In the Amsterdam region, however, the labor market for technicians has been tight for years and the creation of those jobs and the implementation of sustainable energy projects are hindered. COVID 19 will create extra supply on the labor market. This creates a unique opportunity for more influx into technical and sustainable jobs. Many parties are already working on this. The aim is to build a public private community in the MRA, to strengthen the collaboration between various initiatives, to develop the process architecture for lateral entrants and to increase the strength and commitments surrounding concrete jobs. To this end, employers, governments, intermediaries and educational institutions are working together to establish career paths from work-to-work for lateral entrants, partly on the basis of skills, retraining of MBO students to technology, training of hybrid teachers, enabling the temporary relocation of technical personnel and new abridged and modular vocational training.

    For more information and to participate, click here .

    Housing production to 20% in circular timber construction

    In order to add new homes faster and more sustainably, parties in the MRA are working towards a Deal that will result in at least 20% of housing production being exported from wood from 2025. This results in an annual reduction of approx. 220,000 tons of CO2 (equivalent to the average emissions of 22,000 households) and a significant reduction in nitrogen emissions.

    A precondition for such a deal is continuity in the supply of locations for circular, biobased timber houses. Advantages: the lead time in construction is shorter, homes more affordable and there is less construction waste. In addition to the governments, relevant stakeholders in the real estate and construction sector (from start-ups to large companies), the housing association sector, training institutes, knowledge institutions, existing platforms and networks will be involved in the development of the deal.

    Purmerend, Almere, Zaanstad and Lelystad will investigate over the next two years where production and assembly facilities for timber-built houses can be realized. This provides an economic impulse, increases the innovative power in the MRA and contributes to local employment: this can increase by approximately 1,750 to 3,700 new jobs.

    In order to provide more for its own wood needs in the long term, the MRA is investigating the possible construction of several hundred hectares of production forests in Noord-Holland and Flevoland with landscape managers, central government and provinces. Also good for biodiversity and recreation.

    For more information and to participate, click here .

    Bicycle hotspot MRA

    The comfort of the car… with the pleasure of the bike. Bicycle accelerator that leads to growth of the economy, employment and a vital population.

    Powerful collaboration between companies, knowledge institutions and governments to remain the international cycling metropolis by offering innovative integrated services and services at the neighborhood, city and regional level. Some examples:

    -Living Lab at Schiphol where GoinGDutch invests in digital infrastructure with parties such as BAM, Microsoft and Orange Next, for example by researching the speed limitation of e-bikes. NS is looking with Gazelle at new bicycle solutions for bicycle parking and public transport bicycle;

    -Mijksenaar from Amsterdam (signage) and LoMinck from Lisserbroek (bicycle parking) think along about ongoing developments and services;

    -Breikers wants to make agreements with large employers such as ABN AMRO in Zuidas, to give the bicycle a much greater role in the terms of employment;

    -‘Bicycle professor ‘Marco te Brömmelstroet (UvA, Urban Cycling Institute) calls on knowledge institutions such as the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, the CWI, VU and AMS Institute to offer training courses for new generations of cycling experts from all over the world.

    For more information and to participate click here .

    Circular Textile

    A circular textile industry causes less environmental impact and creates extra employment.

    Within the Green Deals Circular Textiles, various parties are committed to the ambition to work towards a circular approach to textiles over the next three years. This means developing circular collections, longer use, repair and regional reprocessing into new yarns. This means investing in qualitative and quantitative improvement of the processing of discarded textiles, building up knowledge and dissemination of circular principles, raising awareness among end users and using circular textile purchasing as a strategy. There are 5 ‘sub deals’ for circular textile for:

    For more information and to participate, see the attachments per ‘sub-deal’ in the text above.

    Other themes

    The degree of progress differs per theme. Various exploratory discussions have taken place in recent months on the themes of making industrial estates more sustainable and accelerating the roll-out of charging infrastructure. The focus on these themes was mainly exploratory. The actions to be taken to arrive at concrete investment proposals are further elaborated.

    Round table meetings

    The efforts made in recent months on the various themes will be continued in the coming period. In January 2021, round table meetings will be organized for each theme in which insight into the state of affairs, agreements about the follow-up and the challenge of new parties to join is central.


    The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area Bureau, the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, the Province of Flevoland, ORAM, Nova College and the Amsterdam Economic Board are working together with numerous other partners on developing the Green Deals Sustainable from the crisis. Are you also interested in participating? You are most welcome.

    Learn more & contact

    If you want to know more about the Green Deals Sustainable from the crisis, read this background paper or contact Annelies van der Stoep or Edwin Oskam via: .


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