Responsible data sharing with data commons

With the initiative Responsible data sharing with data commons, the Amsterdam Economic Board wants to explore how we can use the potential of data in a responsible way for social purposes. Transparent, fair, inclusive and while retaining control over your own data. We are exploring this together with partners from knowledge institutions, social organisations, companies and governments.

Why responsible data?

Digitalisation is causing social change that raises questions about safety, discrimination, influence and the power of technology companies. The challenge is, on the one hand, to prevent misuse of sensitive data. On the other hand, it is important to harness the enormous potential of data for the good of society. Data commons, in our opinion, are the tool to achieve responsible data use.

Data commons contribute to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s vision of being a responsible, sustainable and inclusive digital region by 2040. This includes a people-centric approach where digitalisation is driven by societal values with autonomy and control over our data. From this perspective, technology must be applied responsibly to address societal challenges, including energy, health.

What is a data common?

A data common is a collaborative model in which parties manage data collectively, i.e., not by market or state, and share it for a social purpose. The idea of data commons describes a governance solution where stakeholders share data under various (dynamic) conditions.

Data commons come in handy in situations where personal data is involved, where the data comes from multiple sources and at multiple scales. Internationally, there is a vibrant community of researchers and developers working on data commons.

What do residents gain from this?

Residents of the Metropolitan Amsterdam should live in a safe, inclusive, fair and transparent, sustainable digital city. Fundamentally, residents should be able to trust that governments and organisations are handling their data responsibly. Without having to worry about data misuse. This is especially true for the approximately 200,000 residents who are digitally literate. This contributes greatly to quality of life in the city.

Data owners should be given more control over their data. Data users and owners should be able to reach agreements on data sharing more quickly. This would make more data available to solve societal challenges. This is much needed: only 1% of the world’s data is currently shared.

This is what we are working on in 2023

  • More parties see data commons as a tool for the responsible sharing of data for societal challenges and they are committing to it. To this end, we are developing a compelling story about the importance of data commons, which includes the relationship with future EU legislation.
  • Using applied, accessible use cases to understand how data commons can work for society. The principles and outcomes of the use cases should inspire others to share data responsibly.

Collaborating with Amsterdam Economic Board

The challenge is to make principles of data commons broadly applicable, by establishing an accessible model that builds trust and a sense of ownership and shared responsibility.

As a non-profit organisation, we work with knowledge institutions, business, government and civil society organisations. The uniqueness of these partnerships is that we work together on important, forward-looking, societal issues, such as Responsible Data Sharing.

Currently, different organisations each hold a ‘piece’ of the data demand. We see that the potential of data to solve societal issues is currently underutilised. This initiative should start a movement to share data differently and actually make an impact.

Will you join us?

Are you working on social issues and is data sharing an important topic in that, or does your organisation want to collaborate on social issues? Get involved and send an email to Marjolein Bot.

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