Circular Fashion Innovation Lab

The Circular Fashion Innovation Lab is a collaboration between fashion brands, European yarn spinners and regional circular textile entrepreneurs.

The goal of the initiative is to create new collections using circular yarns made from locally discarded, non-rewearable clothing.

Why the Circular Fashion Innovation Lab?

The initiative aims to boost the application and production of circular yarns. It builds on the collaboration established by Bright.fiber Textiles, with brands, graders, multiple producers and European spinners. These brands and manufacturers work together to develop new circular yarns and apply these to the collections of participating brands. Resulting in a substantial contribution to the ambition of having 70% circular textiles in circulation in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area by 2030.

What we are working on

  • 15-20 yarns developed and tested Promising yarns were chosen for different production techniques (flat knit, fine knit and jersey)
  • New jersey cloth successfully produced and tested industrially
  • First fine knit collection on the market in August 2023 (by King Louie)

Join us

Would your organisation also like to contribute to the Circular Fashion Innovation Lab? For more information and to join us, please contact Claire Teurlings, Lead Circular Economy.

The Circular Fashion Innovation Lab is part of the Green Deal Circular Textiles.

Claire Teurlings | Amsterdam Economic Board

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