State of the Region 2020: online and for everyone

State of the Region is the annually recurring critically optimistic event, in which we together take a look at the joint strength and capacity of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We connect vision of the future to action now. State of the Region would take place in June this year, but has been moved to December 2, 2020.

This edition we zoom in on the economic consequences of the corona crisis, the lessons we learn from it, and the actions that parties in and around Amsterdam are taking to ultimately emerge from the crisis better and more sustainably. We may not yet be able to cope with the virus, but we can take action to quickly give people a new perspective on work and to organize business processes in organizations in a sustainable way.

State of the Region

Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema gives her annual ‘state of the region’ and prominent figures from business, science and government will then discuss the future of the region and what is needed and feasible today.

Sustainable from the crisis

Corona has an unprecedented impact on the health, mental well-being and livelihood of many organizations and people in the Amsterdam region.
At the same time, the current economic headwind offers opportunities to accelerate the course that has been set towards a CO2 neutral and circular region. In hospitals, but also elsewhere, the corona crisis is a driver for innovation, digitization, data exchange and collaboration. The government showed itself to be powerful and flexible, just like organizations that changed their business operations in no time to keep afloat or seize new opportunities. We want to keep that.

This requires a new balance between (economic) growth, health and sustainability in an MRA that is becoming more diverse and digital. And to work together on a smart, green and healthy future for the region.


State of the Region can be followed online from anywhere in the region on December 2, 2020 between 4 PM and 5:30 PM.

For whom

State of the Region is accessible to anyone who is interested in and contributes to the smart, green, healthy future of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The login details for the livestream will be announced via this page shortly.

The joint authorities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA), the Amsterdam Economic Board and amsterdam & partners are organizing ‘State of the Region’ for the third time.

23 November 2020

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