WeMakeThe.City 2020 Marathon | The Reset September 21

In this Corona year, we will be discussing the uncertain future of our city and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in a 12-hour LIVECAST marathon during WeMakeThe.City. With the theme 'Reset', in 11 program blocks, ingenious thinking, imagination and creativity come together to formulate alternative visions and action perspectives. How are we going to do things differently in the coming years? What should we stop doing immediately and in which areas should we invest heavily? What new financial models and alliances do we need for this? How do we make our metropolis more just, more inclusive, more sustainable, more climate-resilient, safer, more successful and happier? And above all, which values are guiding in the decisions that we will have to take as a society in the coming period?

Our society and economy has changed dramatically in the past six months. From a turbulent and prosperous region, with an overheated housing market and tourism sector, to a battered city with rapidly increasing unemployment and strongly declining tourism. But also a city for which the quality of life and the business climate are crucial sectors such as catering, art and culture, nightlife and the events industry. With the result that the growth spurt has now turned to shrinkage. The central question is how we all get out of this crisis, how we restore the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in a sustainable and resilient way.

One thing is completely clear; the future of the Amsterdam metropolis belongs to all of us. After all, together we make the city of the future for, for and by everyone!

We highlight a few parts of the marathon here:

RESET: Healthcare

What does the digitization of healthcare mean for the healthcare of the future?

RESET: Digital Rights

What are digital civil rights and why are they important?

RESET: Education

Amsterdam Agreement for higher education; how do we achieve diverse, inclusive and socially engaged higher education?

RESET: Economy

The Future of Capitalism with Joseph Stiglitz and Herman van Rompuy. How can the potential of free markets be squared with the requirements of ecological sustainability and social justice and inclusivity?

RESET: All of us

How do we, together and for all of us, shape a green, sustainable and social recovery? With Board members Barbara Baarsma and Marleen Stikker.

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18 September 2020

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