Safer flying by sharing data

When airlines open their treasure troves of data to each other, it all benefits them. Aircraft maintenance is becoming more efficient and precise. That makes flying safer. Yet the data remains under lock and key, for fear of competition. KLM and AMdEX partners are investigating how a neutral data notary helps in sharing data about aircraft maintenance. The Financieele Dagblad published a nice article about it.

Aircraft are a source of data. Each part tells its own story. Those stories only become valuable when you can compare the data of many aircraft of the same type, which have flown under different conditions. Aircraft from KLM itself, but also from other airlines. This makes it possible to predict with certainty when each part is due for maintenance or replacement. Such an amount of data makes the process safe and efficient. Everyone in the aviation sector benefits from this. And yet no one is sharing this competition-sensitive data yet. It’s a classic case of ‘prisoner’s dilemma’ – where the entire chain refuses to cooperate, even though the mutual benefits are obvious.

Prototypes in development

Our AMdEX initiative is developing an infrastructure in which parties can share data with each other, while each retains authority and control over its own data. KLM participates in the development of AMdEX as one of the use cases in the AMdEX Field Lab. Another prototype now under development revolves around scientific data sharing, theResearch Data Exchange. At the same time, AMdEX is working on drawing up contracts in which users can record agreements with each other. About, among other things, the permitted uses for datasets, the degree of anonymization and the costs for using data. Willem Koeman, one of the initiators, describes AMdEX as a ‘data notary’.

Read the full article (in Dutch) about AMdEX and KLM on the website of Het Financieele Dagblad.

1 October 2021

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