Paul Elbers, Amsterdam UMC on the use of AI against coronavirus

Medical experts and data scientist are using artifical intelligence to fight the corona virus. Intensivist Paul Elbers from Amsterdam UMC spoke to NPO about the role of AI in healthcare and their fight against the corona virus.

Watch the full episode here.

See here an earlier  news story about Amsterdam UMC releasing a database of medical data which was published on the NOS website and on its television news bulletin.

Bringing algorithms to the bedside

Medical data is abundant and may be used to benefit the health of future patients. This comes with significant technical, administrative, legal and organisational challenges. Most importantly, doctors and data scientists do not currently always understand each other very well. Or they do not know each other at all. The partners of Amsterdam Medical Data Science (AMDS) intend to change that to improve medical data science and patient care. Our main goal is to connect healthcare with data science.

Amsterdam Medical Data Science (AMDS)

Amsterdam Medical Data Science (AMDS) Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) Mark Hoogendoorn  emphasised how important it is to help bring medical data science applications to the bedside in clinical practice. “We see a lot of data science applications that hardly ever reach the patient. We feel it’s very important to do that to move things forward.”

The Amsterdam Medical Data Science Group is  supported by The Right Data Right Now consortium, which includes Amsterdam UMC, OLVG, Vrije Universiteit, Pacmed, the Amsterdam Economic Board and

AMDS organizes monthly Medical Data plus Pizza meetings , with the aim to bridge the gap between health professionals and data scientists by bringing both together in an informal setting for presentations and pizza. At Amsterdam UMC data scientists, medical professionals and researchers discuss how AI (Artificial Intelligence) and medical data can be used to benefit patients and improve medical practices. Since it’s launch in August 2018 it has steadily grown in popularity with more and more people attending to hear the latest news and innovations in medical data and spark new collaborations.

Smart Health Amsterdam (SHA)

SHA was founded by the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Economic Board and Amsterdam&partners to offer a strong network for data- and AI-driven innovation in Amsterdam’s life sciences and health sector.  We are here to connect all data and AI related key players, institutions, innovators, scientists, medics, investors and other bright minds of Amsterdam.

Together and with our partners, we strive to showcase health initiatives and encourage the connecting of health innovators within the Amsterdam region and we will act as a central point of contact.  Join our comunity here


26 March 2020

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