Is your data & AI healthcare organization already on the map?

In the area of ​​health, data science and AI technology are becoming increasingly important for a longer healthier life. By combining data, AI and medical knowledge, we can map out diseases faster, intervene faster and cure faster. And, even better: prevent us from becoming ill or sick in the first place.

Who’s working on a Healthy Metropole of the future making use of the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data sciences?

The number of initiatives and businesses dedicated to improving the health sector through AI and data sciences is growing, especially in Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Unknown group together with the Amsterdam Economic Board mapped the innovation ecosystem of data sciences and artificial intelligence (AI) in health, specifically in the hotspots of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the Netherlands. In the healthcare domain, data sciences and AI technology are becoming increasingly important to improve the healthy life of people. We see a growing number of initiatives, parties and business that have the common goal to improve active and healthy ageing, prevent or reduce time spent ill by using data sciences and AI.

In the diagram we focus on five pillars that form the basis of the data sciences and AI in health ecosystem. Below the diagram you can view highlighted businesses that already offer a solution for the health domain based on the use of data sciences and AI. The diagram shows the unmet needs and existing opportunities in the current ecosystem.

On this page you will find the interactive PDF version.



Initiated by the Amsterdam Economic Board, we’ve mapped the innovation ecosystem for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the Netherlands.  The map represents the support available for innovators and businesses that already offer a solution in this field. 

This is only our first version and there is still a lot we were not able to map out. We need your help doing that. Are we missing someone? How can we improve it? Do you have suggestions? This is a collaborative project, and we really want to hear your feedback.

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8 February 2019

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