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If the cabinet does not make clear choices about capacity on the electricity grid, it will become unfeasible to emit 55 percent less CO2 by 2030. This is one of the climate goals of the national government.

The Court of Audit issued a report (in Dutch) that warns the cabinet and calls on the Minister for Climate and Energy to make choices.

In recent years, the limit of the grid has been reached in many places. In a city like Amsterdam, scenario studies show that the demand for electricity will be three to four and a half times higher in 2050 than it is now. The map of the whole of the Netherlands, which indicates which areas grid operators must say ‘no’ to large consumers, is becoming redder. This applies to customers, such as companies, but also to residential construction. It even applies to importers of sustainable energy, such as solar and wind farms.

The Court of Audit states that grid operators are “no longer keeping up with the pace of expansion”. Task forces have been started in Amsterdam, and also at the level of the province of North Holland, aimed at the necessary acceleration in strengthening and making our energy infrastructure future-proof.

Towards a smart energy system

The future energy system is also a smart energy system. That is why both Task Forces are not only aimed at strengthening the grid, but also at smart energy applications. Consider, for example, the smart use of car batteries to reduce peak loads. Or smart energy management between different companies on a business park. The realization of these types of systems is complex. It requires a combination of knowledge, effort and investment to gain, share and apply new insights.

Become part of the Smart Energy Community

The Smart Energy Community consists of companies, solution providers, knowledge institutions, governments and the grid operator. The group discusses cases, shares knowledge and establishes contacts in the field of smart energy systems. An open exchange aims to speed up the application. The community helps each other with this. In this way they are building the energy system of the future together.

If you would like to join this community, or if you have any questions, please register at

For more information about the Taskforce of North Holland, click here (in Dutch).

30 May 2022

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