Help build an open market for data and win 750,000 euro

Enter the competition and win up to 750,000 euro in co-financing for your idea for an open, trusted and fair market for data sharing. A market that is scalable and broadly applicable and that allows parties in the Amsterdam area to work on a smart, green and healthy region.

Data: fuel for innovation

Data fuels growth and innovation and offers new opportunities for a smarter, greener and healthier society. In healthcare for example, data can predict epidemics, prevent diseases and improve treatments. Or what about governments, that can use data to offer better and more efficient public transport. Freight carriers use data to share capacity utilization rates with parties interested in cargo space, data can make production and waste flows transparent and so many more applications are conceivable.

Concerns about data sharing

But at the same time, only a fraction of all data is shared. Uncertainty about safety, privacy, property rights and concerns with regards to a unfair market playing field, make the process of exchanging data so expensive, inefficient and legally cumbersome that parties prefer not to exchange data at all. As a result, data exchange is often limited to open (government) data. Other data such as commercial and industrial data, is not widely shared. A real data economy requires a shared, trusted infrastructure that, in combination with the right incentives, entices parties to share data, because this benefits themselves or a common goal. I.e. an open, trusted and fair market for data.

Inspirational examples

National and international experiments are being conducted in various collaborations with data markets that offer a solution to the above challenges. For instance:

  • Amsterdam Data Exchange (AMDEX): in the metropolitan area, public and private partners work together on the development of a data exchange;
  • IShare and Data Logistics 4 Logistics Data: sharing confidential and uniform data between partners in the logistics chain;
  • Personal Health Train: various institutes work together to share health data confidentially;
  • International Data Spaces: various international data sharing initiatives;
  • IOTA: the realization of data markets for sensor data.

Want to participate?

Are you an organization that is familiar with digital technology and do you know how to use your knowledge for a smart, green and healthy region? Register for this competition by clicking on the link below. Deadline for registration is on Tuesday 4 June before 10:00 am.

Do you have any questions? Please join us at the information session on Thursday 18 April at the Marineterrein in Amsterdam. For a further planning and procedure for the conduct of this competition, also click on the link below.

Competition “open market for data exchange”: registration and more information

10 April 2019

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