Former Board member Henk Markerink receives award

Because of his sporting, economic and social commitment to Amsterdam and the region, and in particular to the Zuidoost district, Henk Markerink was awarded the Frans Banninck Cocq Medal. Deputy Mayor Victor Everhardt presented the award to the outgoing director of the ArenA on 30 June.

Markerink has been director of the stadium for more than 25 years, since its construction. The  Johan Cruijff ArenA has grown into a place where not only sporting events are held. Musical and other events also made the stadium a multifunctional and worldwide reknowned icon of the city of Amsterdam.

Valued Board Member

As the longest-serving Board member of the Amsterdam Economic Board, Markerink has been committed to a smart, green and healthy future for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area for many years. He was a highly valued member of the Board. Henk Markerink will retire as ArenA director in September.

Frans Banninck Cocqpenning

Persons who have made an outstanding contribution to Amsterdam over a period of at least twelve years may qualify for the Frans Banninck Cocqpenning . This is awarded to people who have performed exceptionally well for Amsterdam in the fields of sport, science, journalism, art, politics and economics with a national or international reputation.

1 July 2021

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