Textile education 100% circular

Knowledge and educational institutions want to make the Metropolitan Amsterdam the preferred region for circularly trained textile and fashion professionals. The Amsterdam Economic Board supports them in that ambition.

Why 100% circular textile education?

Good cooperation between textile professionals with different types of training is important to achieve results in the pursuit of a circular textile chain.

For education, this means that different types of students learn to speak each other’s language and work together on circular tasks. The graduates, the new generation of change agents, understand each other and are taking their role in the transition from a linear to a circular system.

What we are working on

  • Design learning projects so these would add value to all institutions
  • All participating institutions give space to integration in their curriculum
  • In school year 2023/24, re-execute a similar project with at least 60 students from 4 out of the 9 institutions in the active network, in close cooperation with clients from the field and events at all participating institutions.
  • Facilitation to continue the approach in 2024/25
  • Talks are underway with other institutions to join, such as the Rietveld Academy and the University of Amsterdam.

Results of Textile education 100% circular

  • In 2021, a pilot approach was realised with ROC van Amsterdam, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amsterdam Fashion Academy, Meesteropleiding Coupeur
  • A smaller project was realised at ROC van Amsterdam in 2022.

Green Deal Circular Textiles

The textile education 100% circular initiative is part of the Green Deal Circular Textiles. See what else the Green Deal Circular Textiles is working on.

Do you have ideas or good use cases that would help make circularity the norm in textile education? Large and small, innovative organisations are welcome! For more information, please contact Claire Teurlings, Lead Circular Economy.

Claire Teurlings | Amsterdam Economic Board

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