Come on, stumble!

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The Amsterdam region is not meeting its climate targets. We want to be done with gas, be car-free, circular, clean – all without letting go of our obsession for grip, direction, our own agendas and demonstrable results. The current approach is clearly insufficient to achieve the objectives. How is that possible?

Melek Usta: ‘Looking differently at talent offers opportunities’

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Organisations have a hard time getting their vacancies filled. The shortage is bigger than ever. So we have to work on an agile labor market, says Melek Usta. She is a member of our Board and director of executive search and consultancy Colourful People. “Employers are being challenged more than ever to move beyond the traditional vision of the labor market.”

Investment agenda is working on the transition tasks

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A coherent, regional Investment Agenda gives direction to the Metropolis of Tomorrow. With investments that complement and support each other in tackling major regional challenges. The Amsterdam Economic Board is therefore in favor of investing in 'transition accelerators'. The first version of the agenda will be published in June.

Dominique Hermans: ‘Invest in talent, even when they leave’

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There are serious shortages of personnel in healthcare, IT and technology. While it is precisely in these sectors that people are needed to work on the smart, green and healthy future of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. In the Board Talk series, we talk with Board member Dominique Hermans (CEO of Randstad Netherlands) about mismatches in the labor market.

Jopie Nooren: ‘Social skills are more important than intelligence’

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Jopie Nooren took office in March of this year as chairman of the Executive Board of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), as a member of the Board and our Agenda Committee. She is committed to creating an agile and future-proof education and labor market, a topic that is high on the Board's agenda. “As a university of applied sciences, we feel emphatically responsible for Lifelong Development.”

Board Talk: ‘Just slowing down will not solve our problems’

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We will not make it by reducing alone. A future-proof, sustainable region requires a major system change and talent development also plays an important role in this. Melek Usta and Dick Benschop therefore believe that lifelong learning should be given more attention. "Isn't it crazy that you don't get an enormous dynamic at the MBO and HBO courses from people who are continuously updating their quality and competences?"

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