Regional candidates for the Healthcare Innovation Award 2022 introduce themselves

These are the best care innovators in Noord Holland! CareXS, Elementa Labs, KOPPL and Skinive have been nominated for the Healthcare Innovation Award 2022. They introduce themselves.

The four regional candidates from Noord Holland offer a wide range of services. From low-threshold access to care and well-being, drip care at home, an app for diagnosing skin disorders to a voice assistant to use in a laboratory. We will find out who the winner is on February 8. Want to be there online? Then sign up now!


There are numerous providers available in every municipality for vulnerable target groups. One organization helps out with money matters, another with integration and a third with daytime activities. But finding the best organization for a specific request is no easy task. This became clear to KOPPL founders Marnix Kistemaker, Melle Meijer and Maarten van de Weijer.

That is why they now offer software that every municipality or organization can use to support a cause and target group in finding a suitable offer. People who need help will quickly find a suitable party thanks to this software. It is also cost-effective, says Kistemaker. “Ease of access is our starting point. I want to bring positive change to this sector and remove the hurdles that still hamper accessibility today. This not only benefits the end users, but also first-line care providers such as general practitioners or district nurses, who are up to their eyeballs in work.”

Read the complete interview with Marnix Kistemaker for more information about KOPPL.


Twenty percent of people suffer from a skin condition. This can be acne or a virus, but also an early stage of skin cancer. The sooner such a skin condition is discovered, the better someone can be treated. The Skinive app can help with that detection. About 5,000 dermatologists and general practitioners in the EU and a number of Eastern European countries already use it for their diagnoses. A version for patients will become available in the app stores this spring.

Skinive receives valuable feedback from the dermatologists who use the app. Many general practitioners also use the app in their consultations. “Perhaps the app is even more valuable to them, as they are no specialists in skin conditions,” said Kirill Atstarov, CEO and founder of Skinive. “They can take a photo, do an analysis and possibly ask for a second opinion. They do not have to refer patients as much, which can lead to enormous savings in healthcare costs.”

See the interview with Kirill Atstarov about Skinive.


Anyone who has anything to do with healthcare knows it: we face major challenges. The demand for care will increase in the coming years, but the supply will not grow at the same pace. “We need to look for solutions to prevent more expensive care,” said Cliff Bos, CEO and co-founder of CareXS.

The company has been nominated for its latest product: Connected Drip Care at Home. This solution makes IV administration at home easier, safer and more controllable. For this, the company makes use of the expertise of pharmacists. Bos: “With this technology, we can digitally link an infusion pump, digitally record the course of the administration and monitor it remotely. The nurse who operates the pump then no longer has to worry about reporting, which is automated. This allows him or her to focus on patient care.”

You can read more about CareXS in the interview with Cliff Bos.

Elementa Labs

In February the time has come: after years of development, the first version of Elementa Labs will go live. Laboratories from around the world can then use the voice assistant of the

Amsterdam startup and thus do research and innovate faster. The voice assistant helps them to digitally document their findings.

Ahmed Khalil is the creator and founder of Elementa Labs, which now consists of a team of four people. “Our health system is too focused on making people better and too little on prevention. We are looking for partners with whom we share that vision and who want to take their research to the next level.” That is why he is pleased with and proud of the nomination for this preliminary round of the Healthcare Innovation Award. “I take every opportunity to share our vision and what we do, including this one.”

Ahmed Khalil talks more about Elementa Labs in his interview.

healthcare innovation award 2022

All four regional candidates from Noord Holland are happy with their nomination for the Healthcare Innovation Award 2022. It feels like recognition for years of hard work. They have also never come out with their story before. With this nomination, they hope to expand their network. The nominees each have a chance to win the preliminary round on 8 February. The regional winner may represent Noord-Holland on 17 March during the national final of the Healthcare Innovation Award.

The Healthcare Innovation Award in the Noord-Holland region is organized by Zorg2025 partners Amsterdam Economic Board, Rabobank, SIGRA, Smart Health Amsterdam and ahti – Amsterdam health & technology institute. The winner of the preliminary round on 8 February will advance to the final of the National Healthcare Innovation Award 2022 on 17 March. Finalists have a chance to win a cash prize of 15,000 euros.

Would you like to attend the preliminary round online on 8 February? Register right away!

Text: Mirjam Streefkerk

31 January 2022

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