L*E*A*P is working on energy saving of ICT within data centers

The Amsterdam Economic Board starts together with NL Digital, Green IT Amsterdam, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the North Sea Canal Area L*E*A*P (Lower Energy Acceleration Program). The goal of L*E*A*P is to exploit the energy-saving potential of ICT within data centers and to accelerate the pace towards the sustainable digital economy.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) is working hard on a smart, green and healthy living environment. In the light of the Climate Agreement that was presented in June 2019, drastic changes are in the pipeline. Part of the approach is the energy transition, with energy saving as an important step.

“With this initiative we want to offer perspective for the use of (new) techniques and accelerate developments that can lead to energy reduction with the help of ICT, in organizations with a lot of data traffic. To achieve this, cooperation with the entire chain is necessary. L*E*A*P wants to join forces to make a difference. We cordially invite all parties who think they can make a difference to join in, “he said Marjolein Bot , Challenge Lead Energy at the Amsterdam Economic Board.

The first leaders have already indicated that they want to participate: KPN, Schiphol, Interxion, NEP Netherlands, Municipality of Amsterdam and Eindhoven University of Technology. The initiative is also supported by the Dutch Datacenter Association .

Consequences of growing data traffic

The progressive digitization of our society means that we generate, send and store more and more data. Data centers facilitate this data traffic, while the IT hardware and software are often owned by customers. Due to the growth in data usage, the demand for electrical energy is increasing. It is expected that the future required capacity will increase sharply in 2030 compared to the current installed capacity.

Want to know more?

Read here  about the initiative with the accompanying L*E*A*P let . You can connect by contacting Marjolein Bot , Challenge Lead Energy.

Interested in the broader picture that LEAP fits into? And as an entrepreneur or municipal enforcer actively involved in sustainable heat, energy saving or the generation of sustainable energy? Then you can get up to date in one afternoon about all current developments during the fourth edition of the EZK event: Partners in Energy Challenges on January 30, 2020. You can register here .

24 October 2019

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