How to purchase responsible data solutions?

With purchasing we can not only have a sustainable impact, but also a social or societal impact. When we look at ICT and data services, we not only look at sustainable devices or sustainable ways to store and use your data, but also at socially responsible use of data. How can you deal with this as an organization? And how can you make an impact by purchasing ethically responsible data solutions?

As an organization, how do you deal responsibly with purchasing ICT and data services and products? And how do you take a step further with ethically responsible data solutions? Sustainable alternative products are available on the market for (usage rights for) software, tools, apps and services. Are your data services and ICT products in line with the values within your organization?

We are digitizing more and more and data seems to be everywhere and unavoidable. And as the Waag Society, an organization that advocates fair, inclusive and open use of technology, states: technology is an iceberg of which you only see the tip. Your organization also thrives on data. Think of the personnel and customer data, or the data of buildings, machines and production processes. Or if we focus on facility data, that of smart devices (IoT), smart buildings, gates, parking services, or the data of waste, maintenance and catering. Not only the data in your own systems, but also in those of suppliers.

Find tips here and more information on how to get started and make an impact.

Tada: Responsible handling of data based on 6 values

In 2018, the Tada Manifesto was drawn up by a group of professionals. Together they have developed six values that are important for a responsible data society. Now, three years later, more and more parties are embracing these values and putting them into practice. Every organization gives its own interpretation to this, and thus its own color.

The Tada platform investigates the obstacles to the implementation of responsible data applications. It wants to bring parties from the Tada network together to find solutions together.

15 April 2021

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