Health inequalities between social groups: what to do about it?

How are health inequalities related to socioeconomic status? And how can we change this? The three speakers at Zorg2025 agree that customization is the key to success. “Now is the time to do even more prevention.”

The Zorg2025 meeting is an initiative by Amsterdam Economic Board, Smart Health Amsterdam, Rabobank, SIGRA and Ahti, each focusing on a different theme. Healthcare and welfare innovators and other professionals from healthcare, business and research use this meeting to discuss health and prevention.

“It’s an urgent theme”, says Jeroen Maas as he opens the meeting on June 4. He is lead Health at Amsterdam Economic Board and today’s digital host. “Everyone deserves a fair chance at a healthy life, but there are big differences. What can we do about this now? We are going to talk about that this afternoon.”

Read the full article on this online meeting (in Dutch).

4 June 2021

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