1st OECD Roundtable Circular Economy in Paris

At the beginning of July, Jacqueline Cramer held 2 keynote speeches about the MRA resource transition programme of the Board in Paris during the first OECD Roundtable on circular economy in cities and regions.

The OECD Programme on the Economics and Governance of the Circular Economy in Cities and Regions supports cities and regions in their transition towards a circular economy through multi-level dialogues to identify challenges and opportunities; peer-to-peer learning and key indicators for decision making and evaluation of the circular economy strategies.

Jacqueline inspired 80 participants with her 1st keynote about ‘The dynamics between business actors in transcending to a circular economy in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’. Arjan Hassing of the Chief Technology Office (CTO) of Municipality of Amsterdam told a beautiful complementary story of the Amsterdam approach. The CTO collaborates with all departments from the municipality of Amsterdam to make innovation happen in the city.

Keynote 2 – The evolution of implementing circular economy: the case of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area took place during the seminar ‘Transition to the circular economy for Regions and Cities’ with a small high level group of participants of the EU, UNEP, European Environmental Agency, representatives of cities and regions and some professors..

Read more about the programme of the Board to accelerate the circular transition.

9 July 2019

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