project: a – companies and startups join forces to attract international talent

Amsterdam-based tech giants and startups are collaborating with the City of Amsterdam to strengthen the capital’s already extraordinary talent pool. It is the first initiative that encourages tech companies to work together to bring in talent – not just compete for it.

Amsterdam’s tech community joins forces to attract foreign talent

project: a sees 10 innovative companies coming up with 10 future-defining projects. However, to complete these projects, they need the help and knowledge of business analysts, software engineers and artificial intelligence & machine learning experts. Therefore, highly skilled international talent is invited to Amsterdam to live, work and – of course – define what’s next _ for the city.

Via the platform, specialists are invited to apply for projects at TomTom, Adyen, Picnic, bloomon,, Bynder, Growth Tribe, Squla, 3D Hubs and Alliander. These projects include everything from autonomous cars and digitising the flower industry to the world’s most intelligent energy grid and smart supermarkets. The collaborating tech companies are expecting a high influx of international talent to start working with them on their latest technologies.

“For centuries, Amsterdam has been defining what’s next. Today, we invite foreign talent to our international city to work on world-changing ideas. It is truly unique that tech companies from the same city collaborate in this way to attract top talent” – Kajsa Ollongren, Deputy Mayor Amsterdam

Not only is Amsterdam home to the European headquarters of some of the world’s leading tech companies – including Tesla, Netflix, Uber, Atlassian, Optimizely and NextDoor – but it also has a thriving startup scene. The European Commission even named Amsterdam as the European Capital of Innovation (“iCapital”). Needless to say, the city is quickly developing into Europe’s centre point for all things tech, and its attractive work-life balance and village-like charm never fail to attract young professionals. According to a study by Nestpick, Amsterdam is ranked as the best city worldwide for millennials. And for the last three years, the city has been consistently named among Europe’s top three in various startup city rankings.

“Picnic tackles one of the world’s most meaningful problems by developing a truly sustainable food supply chain. This requires the smartest engineers, front-running AI-tech and a thriving startup ecosystem. We are proud to take part in project: a and look forward to crack together with all the new talent the greatest challenges of our time.” – Daniel Gebler, CTO at Picnic

project: a is a fantastic opportunity for global talent to get acquainted with Amsterdam and its role as one of Europe’s leading tech hubs. The top 10 candidates will be flown into Amsterdam in October – all expenses paid. They will stay in the city for five days, get a tour of the local tech scene, meet with the relevant companies and get interviewed by their preferred employers. They will also attend World Summit AI as a VIP guest; the convention is a monumental occasion that assembles the world’s AI community. project: a is accepting applications starting from the 23 August 2017, with an application deadline of 25 September 2017. The top 10 candidates will be announced on 26 September 2017.

“In Amsterdam, we were among the first to introduce bouquets in our homes, dating back to the 18th century. At bloomon, we now use the latest technology to create the smartest and shortest supply chain in flowers. Our goal is to spread the happiness of fresh bouquets around the globe. We are proud to be a project: a member, as we need to attract a unique mix of international tech talent, data scientists and creatives for our mission. Trends come and go. But flowers are forever.” – Patrick Hurenkamp, founder and CEO at bloomon

project: a is one of the efforts of the StartupAmsterdam programme to further develop and strengthen the local startup and tech scene. Ensuring access to talent is part of that, and we do this by working on expanding the local talent pool and helping to attract international talent. More in-depth information on project: a, the 10 participating tech companies and the city itself can be found at

About project: a

project: a aims to attract the world’s top tech talent – highly skilled developers and engineers – to join the Amsterdam tech scene. It is the first-ever initiative where several tech companies based in the same city team up to attract talent.

The focus is on international tech talent, specifically software developers, business analysts and experts in AI & machine learning – either with an academic (post doc) or business background.

From all applications, the top 10 talented individuals will be flown to Amsterdam in October, all expenses paid. They will stay in the city for five days, get a tour of the local tech scene, meet the companies and get interviewed by their preferred employers, as well as attend the World Summit AI as a VIP guest – a monumental occasion where the world’s entire AI community will gather. Many applicants will eventually receive an offer to stay in Amsterdam and work on different projects, varying from autonomous driving and smart supermarkets to developing the world’s most intelligent energy grid.


29 August 2017

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