Healthcare institutions tackle waste with reusable isolation gowns

Successful trial of circular protective healthcare clothing results in increased comfort, less material wastage, local employment and cleaner production.

As an alternative to disposable plastic medical gowns, a reusable isolation gown, made of biodegradable cotton with a water-repellent finish has been developed and successfully tested. Product development and field testing were conducted by a broad consortium which includes three healthcare institutions: Reade, OLVG, Cordaan and ReBlend, Cleanlease, AGV / Waternet, ABN AMRO, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Upset Textiles, BMA Techne, PwC and Makers Unite, supported by the Amsterdam Economic Board.

The healthcare facilities involved are now working with 2,500 circular isolation gowns, which are expected to be washed and reused 80 times or more and then returned to the textile chain through a closed loop recycling method.

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Read more about how Amsterdam Economic Board is committed to circular textiles in the Amsterdam region, through the Green Deal Circular Textiles initiative.

15 August 2023

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