Digital Designers dive into professional practice

Five companies have committed themselves as key partners for the new Master of Science in Digital Design, which kicked off at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) on this Monday. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), VodafoneZiggo, ANWB, Informaat and DigitasLBi are all set to take on an active role. They will provide the students with projects in which solutions to real-world design problems are sought, for instance, and supervise the students during the design process.

Dynamic learning environment

Jalbert Kuijper, Chief of Marketing, Fundraising & Development at the World Wildlife Fund, expects the setting to be quite dynamic. “Students will be able to pour their ideas directly into a design.” The globally operating organisation has come up with two issues for the young designers to address in the first phase of the programme. “For one thing, we’re eager to hear ideas on how we, as a nature preservation organisation, can more effectively connect with the corporate world”, according to Kuijper. “And secondly, we’d like to involve every Dutch nature lover more closely with the WWF, via the various digital channels, and make individuals aware of their own role. How can each and every person do their part to preserve the natural world?” Kuijper expresses the desire to see students truly take part in the WWF’s activities.

Head of the Master’s programme Ben Schouten also views this participation as the most remarkable aspect of the new course. “The student will have one foot already planted in professional practice. We want to train these designers and provide them with a network.” If you ask Schouten, conducting research in professional practice promotes socio-economic innovation, while allowing the students to develop their design skills at a rapid pace. Geleyn Meijer, Dean of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries of the AUAS, considers the Master’s programme as a springboard for the young designers. “So they can develop into the future leaders of our digital society.”

Meet up

The five key partners are part of a larger whole. Nine leading digital design firms are involved in the programme as well. The AUAS initiated the Master’s programme in cooperation with these firms, who also helped establish the content of its curriculum. A meet up where all parties can get together will be held on Thursday the 14th of September.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is the only educational institution in the Netherlands to offer a Master’s degree in Digital Design. This international Master’s programme is aimed at talented digital designers from across the globe who wish to develop their abilities as highly trained specialists within their field.

8 September 2017

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