Amsterdam to pilot Mobility as a Service in 2018  

The Amsterdam region is challenging mobility service providers to offer innovative mobility solutions for citizens and employees of companies that are based in the Zuidas business district. The City of Amsterdam, the Transport Authority Amsterdam and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management are organizing a market consultation on the 29th of November, with the goal of innovation within the field of mobility that triggers users to stop using their own cars.

The Randstad-area, and the Amsterdam region in particular, is facing serious accessibility challenges the coming ten to fifteen years. On one hand because of the rapid growth of the city, on the other hand because of major infrastructural works such as construction of the (enlarged) tunnels for the A10-south. One of the ways to keep Amsterdam and the northern part of the Randstad-area an attractive place to live, visit and work is the reduction of car traffic. We believe that the possession of a car becomes less attractive when users can contract mobility services that provide seamless access to public transport, taxi services, shared cars and bikes, shuttle services, parking solutions and easy ways of payment; also known as Mobility as a Service.


The City of Amsterdam, the Transport Authority Amsterdam and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management invite innovative mobility and service providers and technology partners to take part in the market consultation and accelerate Mobility as a Service solutions in and around Amsterdam. Our goals:

  1. Satisfied users (employers, employees and inhabitants) who get to know and appreciate the benefits of paying for the use, rather than the possession of means of mobility.
  2. Less congestion, by digitally matching the supply and demand for mobility and thus reducing the use of public space for transport.
  3. A platform open to any provider of a means of mobility and usage data that is shared in a transparent way, to accelerate innovation in the mobility market and the way we facilitate mobility as a government.

Interested? For more information, visit the Dutch Mobility Innovations website and register for the Market Consultation on the 29th of November, 10:00 – 15:00 at the Sheraton Hotel Amsterdam Airport.


21 November 2017

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