100,000 companies residual waste-free by 2025

The circular economy is becoming the new normal, and data is propelling it. In the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, numerous organisations are already hard at work on circular initiatives that prioritise the application of data. Among them is Seenons, which helps businesses manage their sustainable waste separation and collection. ‘We want to fix the flaws in the system.’

Waste disposal services for businesses have not exactly kept up with the times. Big bin lorries drive through the streets at certain times of day. Most of the waste is incinerated. And paper and glass aside, it’s quite complicated to separate waste streams and have them collected. ‘I got one surprise after another when I began delving into this world,’ says owner of Seenons Jorn Eiting van Liempt. ‘“Something has got to change here,” I thought. Waste incineration once might have been a good option, but now we really can do better.’

In September 2019, together with Joost Kamermans, Eiting van Liempt founded Seenons, a company aimed at contributing to the circular economy by improving waste services.

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Communication Alliance for a Circular Region (CACR)

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14 December 2020

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