How do we build an Internet that works for everyone? An online space that prioritises our health, freedom, and livelihoods and is free from the control of Big Tech?

Together with numerous national and international speakers, PublicSpaces will explore concrete solutions and tools for a healthy digital ecosystem and work together to build a better Internet. An internet that is owned and shaped by the collective.


The programme and speakers for two days of panels, keynotes, roundtable sessions, talks, drinks, art and mind-blowing culture will follow soon. Get your ticket and contribute to the dialogue on shaping a healthy digital ecosystem.

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Because of our initiatives AMdEX and Data commons, the Amsterdam Economic Board is a member of PublicSpaces and endorses the importance of an Internet that works for everyone, in which we deal responsibly with data. Responsible digitalisation is therefore one of the important themes the Amsterdam Economic Board is committed to.

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  • Willem Koeman | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Willem Koeman

    Manager Leads and Strategy, Lead Digital

    Amsterdam Economic Board




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