Join us at our next Medical Data + Pizza meetup to learn more about AI and data innovation in healthcare.


The programme will be announced later.

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Medical Data + Pizza logo | Amsterdam Economic BoardAt each Medical Data + Pizza meetup, we discuss interesting projects, papers and the latest developments in medical data science. This is where physicians and data scientists meet. It’s a great opportunity to learn, meet like-minded healthcare professionals, researchers and data scientists, get feedback on your own projects and have fun.

These meetups have been successful for several years. Go to Medical Data + Pizza meetups to read more about these events and find reports on previous editions.

The Right Data Right Now consortium supports these meetings, along with Amsterdam UMC, OLVG, Vrije Universiteit, Pacmed, Amsterdam Economic Board, Smart Health Amsterdam and others.

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  • Gerty Holla | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Gerty Holla

    Lead Health

    Amsterdam Economic Board

  • Yvonne Roos | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Yvonne Roos

    Communications Advisor

    Amsterdam Economic Board




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