Liveability in residential neighbourhoods in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is under pressure. The use of data offers opportunities for improvement. How do we do that? That’s what this edition of Data Dilemmas is about!

Improving liveability in neighbourhoods is about creating a pleasant living and working environment for residents. Municipalities have a lot of data about our physical environment. Such as air quality, traffic and public nuisances. And factors such as social cohesion and amenities. The challenge? Leveraging available data efficiently, keeping an eye on the human touch. But: how do we measure liveability? And how do we use the wealth of available data to actually increase liveability in neighbourhoods?

Our Amsterdam Smart City programme, in collaboration with partner Hieroo and their sister organisation SeederDeBoer, will discuss data for liveable streets, neighbourhoods and cities.

Luc Manders of Buurtvolk outlines his experiences in vulnerable neighbourhoods, the concrete connection you can make with data and the possibilities for databased predictions or preventions.

Hebe Verrest, Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam, talks about the well-being dashboard (Dutch), developed together with residents in the Venserpolder neighbourhood (Amsterdam Zuid-Oost). The dashboard makes residents’ needs and priorities measurable. Based on this dashboard, residents, the (local) government and other stakeholders engage in discussions about appropriate interventions.


  • Doors open
  • Welcome and introduction by Amsterdam Smart City and Hieroo/SeederDeBoer
  • Presentations by Buurtvolk and the University of Amsterdam
  • Q&A and panel discussion
  • Wrap-up and networking

Admission to this event (in Dutch) is free. Registration is required.

More information

Data Dilemmas is a collaboration between our Amsterdam Smart City programme, their partner Hieroo, SeederDeBoer and the City of Amsterdam’s Data Lab. Four times a year, they explore opportunities for using data and new technologies to address urban and social challenges, with an emphasis on responsible digitalisation. The goal is to use data to make cities safer, cleaner and more accessible. But what happens to all the data collected? What dilemmas do you encounter when collecting (personal) data to improve the city? These questions are important for everyone: governments, knowledge institutions, businesses and civil society.

Where and when?

Board event
  • Amsterdam Smart City, Hieroo, SeederDeBoer, DataLab Amsterdam
  • 29 Feb 2024
  • 15:45 -


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