What we do

By 2025, the Amsterdam Area will be among the top three most innovative regions in Europe. It’s the year in which Amsterdam will be celebrating its 750th anniversary.

Metropolis of the future

The focus is on the most urgent metropolitan challenges and in areas where we have the expertise, knowledge and manpower in the region to make a real impact and which also offer economic growth potential. The starting point is always to mobilize energy, ownership and executive power within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

For each challenge, we have visualised a dot on the horizon representing where we want to be as a region in 2025:

Circular Economy: by 2025, the Amsterdam Area will be a frontrunner in the field of smart solutions for resource conservation, so that valuable resources will be used more efficiently and for longer.

Energy: by 2025, we will have taken major steps in the Amsterdam Area towards the transition to a flexible, robust and affordable energy system.

Digital Connectivity: by 2025, the Amsterdam Area will be the most important place in Europe for data-driven innovation.

Health: by 2025, the inhabitants of the Amsterdam Area will be able to add two healthy years to their life expectancy.

Mobility: by 2025, city transport in the Amsterdam Area will be zero emission.

Jobs of the Future: by 2025, the Amsterdam Area will be the most successful region in the field of utilising, retaining and attracting talent.

TechConnect: our programme will storm the tech labor market within four years with 50,000 people from underrepresented groups.

Amsterdam Smart City: our programme is working on concrete solutions for better cities, neighbourhoods and streets.

Role of the Board

The Board is a connector and builder. As an independent player, we bring together frontrunners who do not automatically meet.

Everyone’s share is crucial: companies function as innovators and forerunners, knowledge institutions provide essential thinking power and governments are indispensable as investors, regulators and buyers.

The Board’s success largely depends on its ability to activate parties in our network. And to focus on essential drivers to initiate and accelerate innovation.

We do this in five areas:

Building ecosystems – We have a unique function as a network and bring together organisations that would normally not necessarily come into contact. These ecosystems make fertile ground for knowledge exchange and a starting-point for new partnerships.

Identifying innovative opportunities – The Board plays an important role in spotting chances for new forms of innovative collaboration and industry, for example via theme-oriented learning communities, consortiums of trendsetters, or the development of new business models.

Boosting and mobilising the network – Based on the opportunities identified, the Board activates the network to carry out experiments and pilots and to set up programmes.

Providing data-driven insights – The Board has an important strategic knowledge function and makes data-driven insights available at different levels: facts and figures on the Amsterdam Area, trend analyses and future scenarios.

Agenda setting – We are further expanding the Board to where thought leaders discuss the future of the region and collaboration on metropolitan challenges.


We are driving promising initiatives in the region with potential for further implementation and up-scaling, in which parties from our network are in the lead.