Mobility is essential for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We want the region to be as accessible as possible, and we also aim for sustainable solutions.


The pressure on the AMA is intensifying in every respect, as the number of residents, businesses and visitors grows. Mobility in all traffic flows will increase, while the available public space will not grow to match it. Companies and entrepreneurs will need to develop smart ideas, new technologies and innovative business models. Our role is to connect and accelerate. First we will take stock of all the relevant information and parties, and identify opportunities based on discussions and desk research. We will then establish action points in consultation with the most important partners, and specify the instruments we wish to apply.


An objective of zero-emission urban transport in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area by 2025. There are two aims: the AMA intends to be an international frontrunner in the field of smart and clean urban logistics for all types of transport, for goods, services and passengers, and to play a leading role in the field of innovation in logistics systems and connections with logistics hubs outside the city, strengthening its position as a logistics hub at global level.

Focal points

The Board has decided to focus efforts in 2020 on three focal points:


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