In a world in transition, we need a place for changemakers to meet and collaborate. Amsterdam Smart City is this open, safe place where we can work together based on the issues and putting our values first. We use each other’s differences constructively and creatively, working on the basis of core values: putting people first, learning by doing, public added value, as well as openness and transparency.

Who is Amsterdam Smart City for?

We are an independent platform with an international community of more than 8000 changemakers, connected to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, where 24 affiliated public and private partners co-create with each other and the community. The online platform is open to anyone interested in and working on urban development, innovation, sustainability and technology.

Why this platform?

We want to live and work in a healthy city. Cities are becoming increasingly crowded and we are experiencing the effects of climate change and pollution. Amsterdam Smart City therefore considers issues such as: how can we transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy? Can we convert waste into raw materials? How do we switch to clean, electric transport? And how can we keep our digital world transparent and comprehensible?

What we do

Amsterdam Smart City has more than 12 years of experience in realising innovation for sustainable, liveable cities. Through its values-first approach, Amsterdam Smart City ensures that innovation genuinely contributes to cleaner, greener and happier cities. Amsterdam Smart City centres on the city’s residents and users.

Results in 2021

Over more than 12 years, Amsterdam Smart City has developed into an open innovation platform that facilitates an international community, and in which a strong network of 25 regional partners collaborates on transition projects put forward by the partners.

The partners jointly develop new innovation methods to tackle ‘wicked problems’ (complex problems with no simple solution). They also do this for the Amsterdam Economic Board, for example with regard to the problem of overloading on Amsterdam’s power grid. Crucially, public values always come first.

Activities in 2022

Projects that the network will continue to work on in 2022 are: data platforms for a circular economy; shared transport systems; crowd meters based on fair data, and the creation of smart energy systems. In the Responsible Sensing project, at the Marineterrein we are testing how we can integrate society’s public and democratic values in the design of detection systems in public space. In the AI4cities project, we are working with Dutch and international partners on the question of how we can use AI openly and transparently to make cities more sustainable.

In 2022, we will ensure our network has an impact on major, urgent social issues by making our existing instruments even better. The Wicked Problems Team and the Deep Dive approach provide depth, acceleration and breakthroughs in the fields our partners are working on. Our core values – putting people first, learning by doing, public added value and openness and transparency – will always be apparent, and will strengthen the results. In 2022 we will form at least eight new coalitions to tackle urgent social issues within our themes.

Invitation to collaborate

If you would like to collaborate with us as a partner to enhance our streets, neighbourhoods and cities, please contact Leonie van den Beuken, programme director of Amsterdam Smart City.


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