Jopie Nooren

Chairperson Executive Board / Member of the Agenda Committee

Jopie Nooren is chairperson of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam’s Executive Board and is a member of the Agenda Committee. She is also a board member of the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and was a senator and first vice-chairman of the Senate until March 2021. Secondary and higher education were among her spokesperson files there, as were health care and the implementation of the Environment Act.

Jopie is committed to increasing the social value and accessibility of higher education, so that young people and everyone in a working life have the opportunity to develop into well-trained professionals. In this way, they are ready to effectively face the challenges of today and the coming decades. She believes it is important that the Hogeschool van Amsterdam contributes through education and research to themes that are relevant in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

“The great thing about the Amsterdam Economic Board is that we bring the different perspectives together and thus create new solutions for a future-oriented and liveable Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The knowledge, vision and social involvement of students, lecturers and researchers are of great value in this regard.”

Jopie Nooren is involved with the initiatives Textile Loops, Tomas | Talent development, Match & Select, Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics MRA (GDZESMRA), Tada, High Impact Procurement, Amsterdam Smart Health, AMdEX and the Amsterdam Smart City, House of Skills and TechConnect programmes.