A total sum of 750,000€ in public funds is available for your digital & circular solution

On behalf of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA), the City of Amsterdam issues a competition in order to select the best design(s) of digital applications to stimulate the circular economy in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Do you have creative, smart and innovative business idea that will strengthen the competitiveness of the Metropolitan Area? Join!

The AMA aims to be a frontrunner in the field of solutions in the circular economy which can directly become embedded to support the transition from a linear to a circular economy. The applications should be scalable and directly applicable. The implementation of these digital applications in genuinely effective solutions is an important element of the competition. As a condition for this co-financing, the municipality will draw up a written Agreement regarding the realisation of the digital application. The municipality therefore requests that, in addition to the design, candidates submit a business plan for the realisation of the digital application.

Market Consultation

The Amsterdam Economic Board, together with the municipality of Amsterdam conducted a market consultation prior to the tendering procedure to ensure that the requirements put up by the AMA are in line with market possibilities. 48 players in the market have submitted their written input. Participants of the consultation were then invited for a stakeholder meeting to give further insight and answer potential questions. This report provides further information about the call and the results (anonymised and aggregated) of the market consultation.


Click here for the documentation regarding the competition.


For questions and comments regarding this subject please contact Marjolein Brasz.

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1 June 2018

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