The Life Sciences Café is back! Organised by Amsterdam Economic Board and EY. This edition we’ll focus on AI & data in drug development and diagnostics. This event will be hosted in English.

Martijn Nap, general manager at IQVIA, will talk about the use of AI for clinical trials.

Bastiaan van der Baan, Chief Clinical and BD Officer at Agendia, will enlighten us about the transition from molecular determination to AI-based analysis of medical imaging.


AI & data in drug development and diagnostics

Digital transformation in healthcare is taking an increasingly prominent role in the development of therapeutics and diagnostics. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, data and digital technologies are applied to accelerate drug development and improve patient diagnosis and treatment options. The aim is to deliver life-changing therapies and diagnostics faster and more personalized. In this edition, two companies, Agendia and IQVIA, will present how they use the potential of AI & data.


General manager at IQVIA

Chief Clinical and BD Officer at Agendia

Background information

The Amsterdam Economic Board and EY organise a Life Sciences Café four times a year. In addition to the inspiring presentations and debates that a Life Sciences Café offers, each meetup is a fantastic opportunity to meet colleagues from the life sciences sector and representatives of the wider business community from the Amsterdam region. These meet-ups are aimed at bringing together colleagues from the life sciences sector, business, health innovators, researchers and knowledge institutions in the field of health and prevention. Designed to share knowledge, new research and innovative applications.

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