Mobility X Blockchain: Blockchain meetup #3

Meetup #3: what new blockchain solutions are pionereed within the mobility field, and how can we help each other? After a successful series of blockchain meetups, we are continuing our event series with a meetup on blockchain solutions for mobility.

In two hours we aim to get an overview of the current blockchain based mobility initiatives in Amsterdam, find out what this community needs and what it can bring, to strengthen our ecosystem together. Of course there will be networking drinks & snacks to finish off the meeting and to get to know each other.

This meetup will consist of:

  • Three short presentations:
    Jochem Verheul – CEO VMC
    Hjalmar van der Schaaf – CEO CargoLedger
    Peter Engel – Co-founder & Managing Director
  • Joint mapping of current blockchain and mobility ecosystem
  • Forming potential alliances based on what we need and what we can offer

For whom?

  • Blockchain techies, entrepeneurs & researchers
  • Mobility service providers, experts & policymakers

Why are we working on the strengthening of an Amsterdam Blockchain Community?

Blockchain holds the promise of delivering trust, transparency, privacy & data sovereignty in a digital world. Blockchain triggers many questions about the future of business models, governance models and power structures. With these meetups we aim to grow blockchain knowledge, capabilities and accelerate entrepreneurship in the Amsterdam area.

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