Metropolitan Region of the Future

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) is a highly innovative region in Europe. It consists of 33 cities in the southern part of the province of Noord-Holland and the western part of the province of Flevoland. The region has 2,4 million citizens and contributes for 19% to the GDP of the Netherlands.

The mission of the Amsterdam Economic Board is to sustainably enhance the prosperity and well-being of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. To achieve this we work together with the business world, governmental agencies and knowledge institutes, focussing on collaboration, innovation and growth.

Our ambition is for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) to have secured a position among the top 3 of Europe’s innovative regions by 2025. We can achieve this by creating solutions for urban challenges that will contribute to the liveability of the region.

Urban challenges

We focus on five interrelated urban challenges which bear relevance to urban issues around the world. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has all the qualities needed to belong to the international top when it comes to solving these challenges.

Our challenges:

  • Circular Economy: in 2025 the AMA will be leader in the field of circular economy.
  • Digital Connectivity: in 2025 the AMA will be the most important location in Europe for data-driven innovation.
  • Health: in 2025 inhabitants of the AMA will have gained two healthy years in their life-span
  • Mobility: in 2025 urban transport in the AMA will be emission free
  • Jobs of the Future: in 2025 the AMA will have the most adaptive and appealing labour market of Europe.


In solving these urban challenges, the board unites the business world, knowledge institutes and governmental bodies.

We help these parties by:

  • Signalling opportunities for innovation regarding these challenges
  • Forming consortia of cross-sectoral partners for innovative projects
  • Offering access to regional and international networks
  • Creating physical and virtual meeting points (for example, events and online platforms)
  • Providing information on the appropriate financial instruments
  • Providing data-driven information regarding the challenges
  • Offering inspiration.

Members of the Board

The members of the Amsterdam Economic Board are representatives from businesses, knowledge institutes and government authorities in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. They have joined forces in this strong and ambitious collaboration.

The Amsterdam Economic Board in Europe

To achieve the ambitions on our five metropolitan challenges, stakeholders from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area participate in European cooperation projects and networks and are constantly exchanging knowledge and best practices with other regions.

Visit our community platforms

  • Amsterdam Smart City  for news in English, information on our projects, interaction  with our stakeholders, and requests for cooperation in the fields of circular economy (including energy transition), mobility, digital connectivity and smart cities.
  • Amsterdam Health for news in English, information on our projects, interaction with our stakeholders, and requests for cooperation in the field of health.
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