House of Skills continues as Board program

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One of the themes the Amsterdam Economic Board is working on is ensuring that talent with the right skills can be deployed and that 'lifelong development' becomes part of the DNA of the working population. Not only now during the corona crisis, but also due to far-reaching technological developments, the need to reduce the mismatch in the labor market is reinforced. To give this movement extra strength, House of Skills will also be linked to the Amsterdam Economic Board as of April 1, in addition to the existing TechConnect program. House of Skills develops skills tools and a chain approach to experiments with these in pilots and career paths from work to work.

Interxion starts collaboration with IT and tech study guide

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In the race against the growing shortage of people in the data center sector, data center provider 'Interxion: A Digital Realty Company' is starting a collaboration with IT and tech study guide ''. The advancing digitizing society, partly prompted by the increasingly concrete application of innovative technologies such as AI, machine learning and the increasing use of cloud services due to the extensive use of teleworking, ensures that the data center industry is growing by 10 to 15 percent annually. This also increases the demand for tech talent for innovation, operation and maintenance. The sector is growing from 12,800 jobs in 2019, expected to reach 16,800 in 2024. This growth will be accompanied by an increasing shortage of more than 1,000 people, expected by 2024. With the collaboration, Interxion wants to actively influence the enthusiasm, find, recruit and train new tech talent.

Melkweg Amsterdam will help orient and retrain employees to a promising IT sector

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Now that the cultural sector is going through severe weather during the corona crisis, Amsterdam's pop venue Melkweg wants to seize every opportunity to help (former) employees with retraining or further training for promising professions in the IT sector. After a broad (re) education and training program was set up earlier, it now announces a collaboration with IT career program 'PathWays' of The collaboration takes Melkweg employees into the world of tech jobs and careers for four weeks and they create their own study and career path in tech in this short time, from home.

Board Talk: ‘Just slowing down will not solve our problems’

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We will not make it by reducing alone. A future-proof, sustainable region requires a major system change and talent development also plays an important role in this. Melek Usta and Dick Benschop therefore believe that lifelong learning should be given more attention. "Isn't it crazy that you don't get an enormous dynamic at the MBO and HBO courses from people who are continuously updating their quality and competences?"

Mapping the Talent Development Ecosystem

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The corona crisis has resulted in a huge contraction in the catering, transport and transport sector, temporary employment and travel sector, industry and healthcare services. Layoffs and bankruptcies are becoming reality. At the same time, there is a great demand for talent in sectors such as technology, ICT, education and healthcare. It is more necessary than ever to support lifelong learning and upskilling and retraining. Together with partners, the Amsterdam Economic Board has taken the initiative to create a tool that can support the effective deployment and development of talent initiatives in the region. The prototype is now a fact.

TekkieWijzer helps to choose when learning and working in IT

By |2020-10-02T00:00:00+02:0015 September 2020|News|, the guide to studying and working in tech, introduces the 'TekkieWijzer'. An online assessment that allows participants to discover tech jobs and education appropriate to their skills and talents. A voyage of discovery in which all possible career paths within tech are followed. The result is a proprietary tech profile, to which a roadmap to relevant studies and jobs is linked. TekkieWijzer is part of a roadmap for retraining to IT. From introduction to orientation and training. The TekkieWijzer is an initiative of TekkieWorden, FutureNL, iamprogrez and Rabobank Foundation.

TechConnect’s ‘PathWays’ offers a glimpse into the tech world

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With an increasing number of IT retrains as a direct result of the corona crisis, the need for training and career orientation in the IT sector is also increasing. To familiarize this group with the world of tech, TechConnect is introducing the career orientation program 'PathWays'. The helping hand in mapping out a personal IT learning and career path. The good news? There are still 20 places available for the new round of September 28!

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