Sustainability Top 2021 is committed to five agreements

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The Board has been working with a wide range of partners for some time to develop concrete investment propositions for themes such as circular textiles and the Amsterdam region as a bicycle metropolis or other firm agreements for employment and a smart, green and healthy region. Interesting coalitions have now emerged with parties that are actively engaged. To reinforce this, the authorities in the MRA are preparing to make five concrete agreements during the MRA Sustainability Top 2021 in October.

Strengthening the international cycling metropolis together!

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A bicycle service station near Schiphol, ideas for better bicycle working conditions, a regional bicycle knowledge cluster and ensuring more children on bicycles: the Green Deal Fiets is increasingly taking shape and there is also a great deal of enthusiasm for the ideas developed, as shown during the Green Deal Fiets Follow-up Session on April 8.

Zero emissions by switching from gas to electric

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Service technicians drive back and forth in major cities on their way to repairs, installation and maintenance. Their vans are often not very energy efficient. Nevertheless, electric transport is already possible within service companies, but it is not yet used on a large scale.

‘I expect the Board to be a linking pin’

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Logistics, sustainability and digitization: these themes play an important role at the Royal Flora Holland cooperative, as they do for many Board members. The cooperative, with nearly 4,000 growers as a member, makes an important contribution to the green and healthy Metropolitan Region, says General Manager Steven van Schilfgaarde.

Service logistics on the cargo bike: these are the lessons so far

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The service technician emission-free into the city: the idea is great, but how does that turn out in practice? The Board is investigating this together with the AUAS and a number of companies in the Service Logistics via Hubs project. The first results are very promising. "It was not really difficult to convince the management."

How does your organization score on sustainable purchasing?

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Purchasing, how do you do that as an organization in a responsible manner? For example, you can always opt for a more sustainable alternative to energy and transport, but you can also purchase ICT, catering and office furniture more honestly and innovatively. How much impact does your organization already make when it comes to facility purchasing?

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