Democratize health data

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Data is crucial for the Amsterdam-based startup Clear. The company offers a personalized nutrition plan based on glucose readings from customers themselves. In this way, Clear hopes not only to contribute to a healthier Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, but also to the democratization of health data.

How to purchase responsible data solutions?

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With purchasing we can not only have a sustainable impact, but also a social or societal impact. When we look at ICT and data services, we not only look at sustainable devices or sustainable ways to store and use your data, but also at socially responsible use of data. How can you deal with this as an organization? And how can you make an impact by purchasing ethically responsible data solutions?

Research organisations and commercial parties start developing AMdEX

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• AMdEX is set to become a neutral, independent infrastructure, providing organisations the secure foundation they need to develop data-based innovations in a controlled environment. - • Users will enjoy the benefits of various standardised and secure data templates, which are language and operating system independent. • AMdEX eliminates a common problem: many organisations are eager to share their data, but decide against it because they have no control over its subsequent use.

‘Clear will help millions of people’

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The Amsterdam start-up Clear wants to make a personalized diet accessible to everyone. The new network Council member ties in very well with the Board that believes that sensible applications of AI & Data sciences contribute to a healthier world and better medical care. That's how Board is working on a smart and healthier future.

Data without Pizza #2 COVID-19, emergency care and the flexibility factor

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The Data plus Pizza meetups are back: online and without pizza. For the second non-pizza edition, Amsterdam-based AI & healthcare researchers presented an infectiously inspiring range of models that work to save costs, cut antibiotic use, predict hospital occupancy levels and put deferred treatments back into the timetable. But how do you factor in flexibility?

Interxion starts collaboration with IT and tech study guide

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In the race against the growing shortage of people in the data center sector, data center provider 'Interxion: A Digital Realty Company' is starting a collaboration with IT and tech study guide ''. The advancing digitizing society, partly prompted by the increasingly concrete application of innovative technologies such as AI, machine learning and the increasing use of cloud services due to the extensive use of teleworking, ensures that the data center industry is growing by 10 to 15 percent annually. This also increases the demand for tech talent for innovation, operation and maintenance. The sector is growing from 12,800 jobs in 2019, expected to reach 16,800 in 2024. This growth will be accompanied by an increasing shortage of more than 1,000 people, expected by 2024. With the collaboration, Interxion wants to actively influence the enthusiasm, find, recruit and train new tech talent.

Melkweg Amsterdam will help orient and retrain employees to a promising IT sector

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Now that the cultural sector is going through severe weather during the corona crisis, Amsterdam's pop venue Melkweg wants to seize every opportunity to help (former) employees with retraining or further training for promising professions in the IT sector. After a broad (re) education and training program was set up earlier, it now announces a collaboration with IT career program 'PathWays' of The collaboration takes Melkweg employees into the world of tech jobs and careers for four weeks and they create their own study and career path in tech in this short time, from home.

‘Tada could be board ambassador for ethical tech’

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Ruud Yap is head of IT and CTO at the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA). Within the organization there is interest in responsible technology because it can give Amsterdammers more control over their digital environment. But a transition to ethical tech is quite a challenge.

Board Talk: “What region are we optimizing for?”

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In order to achieve the energy transition, we need to be smart with data. And that can also be done in a transparent and democratic way, think Marleen Stikker and Koen Overtoom. 'I think the system will tilt anyway, but I still find it exciting how we can achieve that.'

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