Topinfluencers get together during State of the Region 2018

At State of the Region on 20 June 2018, hundreds of key players from the Amsterdam Area came together for the first time in this configuration. They discussed the current state of the Amsterdam Area, the vision for the region’s future, the opportunities to realise this vision and the challenges that will be faced. Together they work on the ambitions for the metropolis of the future.

State of the Region is an initiative by the authorities in the AMA, Amsterdam Marketing and the Amsterdam Economic Board, with financial support from Rabobank, ABN AMRO and Nuon. It must become more than a one-off event: a milestone on a route in which parties in the AMA will be stimulated to join forces to achieve concrete aims regarding the five urban challenges (Circular Economy, Mobility, Health, Talent for the Future and Digital Connectivity).

Role of the Board

Initiator and organiser of State of the Region.