Successful Smart and Clean Construction Logistics competition

The Amsterdam Area faces an extensive construction challenge over the coming decades: 250,000 homes are to be built by 2040, primarily in urban areas. This will put major pressure on traffic and environment in the Amsterdam Area. Already, one in three freight vehicles in the city is associated with construction. There is an obvious need to make construction logistics in the Amsterdam Area smart and clean, both now and for the future.

The construction company Rutte Groep has developed a clean, innovative concept for canal transport for urban areas, dubbed City Barging. The concept won Rutte Groep the award for Smart and Clean Construction Logistics, with 750,000 euros in co-funding to achieve their proposed result.

Role of the Board

The Amsterdam Economic Board was responsible for holding the competition, assisted by experts in order to put the most appropriate request to the market. The Amsterdam Area’s Economic Platform provided the prize money. Once the jury had selected the winning submission, the City of Amsterdam conducted the negotiations on behalf of the municipalities in the region.