Second Prize for Circular Economy Programme

Resource Transition Programme Board Wins Second Prize Circulair Award 2020

Together with government, business and knowledge institutions, the Board works on the realisation of a circular resource hub in the region.

With the Regional Raw Materials Transition Programme, 20 consortia have been built for recycling, up-cycling and sometimes the reuse of i.e.; nappies, roadside grass, e-waste, textiles and data servers. New activities have amongst others been developed in the Port of Amsterdam.

The Zero Waste Zuidas initiative is a consortium of 26 companies on the Amsterdam Zuidas working towards zero residual waste in 2030 and the joint tendering of waste flows.

Role Board

Connecting frontrunners and building wellwilling coalitions, with the goal of normalising the high-quality processing of raw materials.


Fortifying and expanding the Circular Procurement community, prioritising industry waste flows that can be made circular by innovative product chains, scaling up yet developed circular initiatives.

“We are a proud finalist for the Circular Award 2020. The Board has been implementing a unique transition programme in the region. Its core is to create circular solutions with frontrunners, thereby focussing on two strategies:

1. Circular procurement: The result is a network of about 50 organisations and already 150 million investments in circular procurement.

2. High-quality reuse of material flows. With now 22 concrete business initiatives. And without a 1 cent of subsidies. This has only been possible due to the good cooperation with innovative companies, ambitious local authorities and smart knowledge institutions. ”

Claire Teurlings – Challenge Lead Circular Economy

Join us?

We are looking for frontrunners within circular procurement, product (re) design, material chains and buyers of raw materials. Please contact Claire Teurlings.

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