Circular commitments by frontrunners in the region

Every municipality has to deal with large quantities of waste. Valuable resources disappear into the incinerators of waste processing companies in the region on a daily basis. In partnership with the municipalities and provinces, and in close coordination with the waste processing companies in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, the Amsterdam Economic Board has developed a unique raw material programme to conserve valuable resources. The Board is working with the market to close the loop for 14 material streams and is also concentrating efforts on organising the demand for the products that become available when these materials are processed.

  • Frontrunners in the region embrace this approach by signing up to circular commitments for agro-food, textiles, e-waste, diapers, data servers and grass clippings to recycle resource streams at as high a grade as possible and to re-use products:

Waste processing companies Meerlanden and AEB Amsterdam are working together to combat by expanding the sorting centre for electronic waste and by establishing partners with e-waste processors. This provides employment, brings in revenue and is good for the environment.

Exter and Amsterdam Green Campus are working together on high-grade agro-food waste processing. Fifteen food processing companies have now been found that are prepared to collaborate on the project.

The Municipality of Almere plans to set up collection points where different kinds of textiles will be accurately pre-sorted.

Waste processing companies Meerlanden and AEB Amsterdam are working together to facilitate diaper recycling, in part by collecting used diapers in innovative ways.

A consortium of public and private partners – the Port of Amsterdam, NewFoss, the Province of North-Holland, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Zuiderzeeland Water Authority – are working on high-grade applications of roadside grass clippings and green waste in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nederland ICT, EvoSwitch, GreenIT Amsterdam, Recover-E, Sims Recycling Solutions and HKS Metals are working to promote the circular purchasing and disposal of data servers, components and materials in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

  • The Board, ICT Milieu, Iron Mountain and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, supported by Green IT Amsterdam, commissioned the consultancy FFact to find out more about the market, purchasing policy, server lifespan and disposal, and potential action to promote high-grade recycling at regional level. | Read more
  • A series of articles on the raw material transition programme developed with frontrunners in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. | Find the links below.

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If you would like to contribute to these initiatives, contact Marjolein Brasz, Circular Economy Challenge Lead, or see

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Or read our series of impact articles on the resource transition programme

Role of the Board

The Amsterdam Economic Board coordinates the AMA’s material transition programme and initiates circular commitments in cooperation with municipalities, universities and industry.


Meerlanden, AEB Amsterdam, Municipality of Almere, Municipality of Amsterdam, Exter, Amsterdam Green Campus, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nederland ICT, EvoSwitch, Green IT Amsterdam, Recover-E, Sims Recycling Solutions, HKS Metals, Port of Amsterdam, Province of Noord-Holland, NewFoss, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Zuiderzeeland Water Authority


The material transition programme is unique and concentrates both on the supply of materials and the demand for products and materials. Valuable resources can only be used more efficiently and for an increasing length of time if the demand for them is substantial. In this respect, the AMA is becoming a prime hub for the circular use of resources, making it attractive to companies, stakeholders, funders and start-ups.