AMdEX – Towards a fair data playing field

The Board is collaborating with Amsterdam Science Park, UvA, VU, HvA, the municipality of Amsterdam and SURF-Sara to move towards an open, reliable and fair data market for exchanging data: the Amsterdam Data Exchange (AMdEX).

AMdEX facilitates technical support for new data markets in which users have control over their data and the rules of the market. The initiative was successfully introduced during the international roundtable “Accelerating a Sustainable European Data Economy”, brought to the attention of the European Commission and became a prominent member of the National Data-Sharing Coalition (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate).

Several experiments have been explored of new innovative (digital) services and business models for reliable, safe and fair sharing of data. We built on the teachings from the Digital & Circular Competition that the CTO office of the Municipality of Amsterdam and the Board issued. Dexes and Madaster are the winners of the idea for a fair, open and reliable data market and will realize their grand ambitions within the Amsterdam Metropolis with an investment of 750,000 euros.

Role Board

The initiating role for experiments such as the Johan Cruijff Arena, which their partners work with on data exchange, accelerates initiatives.


The focus in 2020 will be on making AMdEX independent and accelerating public-private initiatives for a fair and reliable digital society.

“Now only 1 percent of all data is shared or reused. We share too little, especially for fear of an unfair playing field. With AMdEX, we want to shape that playing field in order to achieve a fair and reliable data market. ”

Willem Koeman, Challenge Lead Digital Connectivity

Join us

Join AMdEX and commit yourself to a fair, open and reliable data market. Please contact Willem Koeman.

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