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Yuri Sebregts

Executive Vice-President Technology, CTO

Royal Dutch Shell

Yuri Sebregts is Chief Technology Officer at Shell. He fulfils this role – with a global responsibility for Shell technology – based at the Energy Transition Campus in Amsterdam. Here, Shell is working with other parties on solutions that will enable, for example, generation of sustainable hydrogen, production of biofuels and construction of nature-friendly offshore wind farms. All aspects of the energy transition in which Shell is making large-scale investments.

The energy transition must remain at No. 1, 2 and 3 on the agenda, Yuri says. It is the greatest challenge we face in our time, and in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area we can take a leading role. Intense collaboration between government, academia and industry helps tremendously. According to Yuri, it is invaluable to regularly discuss social challenges with Board members from different perspectives. Shell offers a corporate point of view and looks for a solution for cleaner air or climate change, for example. A not-for-profit institution sees very different solutions.

Initiatives that Yuri is actively working on include partnerships, focused on relieving congestion on the power grid to accelerate the transition to electric driving and heating. But also promoting Diversity and Inclusion, for example through the High Impact Procurement initiative.

“The Amsterdam Economic Board, as a connector, brings parties together. It is important to hear a diversity of perspectives and learn from them.”

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