Dick Benschop

President & CEO

Dick Benschop is President & CEO at Royal Schiphol Group. He sees the Board as a strategic think tank that can help the region take important steps and make choices. New collaborations and cluster formation within sectors, that is the strength of the Board and the Amsterdam economy, according to Dick. What are the potential clusters? Where should we direct our strengths? What do we want to encourage? These are important questions for the Board to ask.

Dick likes to see connections from Schiphol with the industry within the themes. Schiphol’s perspective can also be used to make aviation more sustainable and to see how we can achieve the objectives for the Amsterdam region.

“The involvement is high, which is a very strong suit of the Board. Everyone really participates.”

Dick Benschop is involved in our initiatives Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics MRA (GDZESMRA), Lower Energy Acceleration Program (LEAP) and AMdEX.