Our aims

We are working towards a smart, healthy and green region. How we will get there is hard to predict in our fast-changing world. The Board charts uncertainties and potential issues that might arise from transitions to smarter, greener systems to enable the region to be flexible in its response to these issues.

The transitions

Accelerating three transitions for a smart, green and healthy future

We see three major transitions that will fundamentally change our society: the digital transition, the circular transition and the energy transition. These are changes that will take place worldwide, are inevitable and converge in urban areas. In responding to these changes there are many opportunities for us as a region to shape the future together. The Board accelerates the three transitions in the region with the aim of ensuring a smart, green and healthy society for every inhabitant of the region.

On our Insights platform, we offer vision, knowledge, backgrounds and insights about working on the three transitions in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA).

Future scenarios

The Board has made a scenario analysis to indicate the impact of the changing world on the economy of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA). Four strong scenarios show what the AMA might look like in 2025.