Ruben Nieuwenhuis, Chair of the International Advisory Board

Since a few weeks, I have the honor of being the Chair of the International Advisory Board of the Amsterdam Economic Board.

This huge privilege provided me with the opportunity to share our perspective for the City of Amsterdam and its region to 25 leading directors of academic institutions, company CEOs, alderpersons and mayors from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

On behalf of the Board, I argued to embrace ‘Inclusive Growth’ as a guiding principle for our region. There is a growing gap between poor and rich and we see how growth also excludes people in or from a city. In other words: not every section of society, not all citizens, not every community or every city in the region is equally part of the current growth. Sustainable economic growth requires inclusive growth.

I hope that discussing this important topic with this group of influencers today is a first step in growing as a region. My request to you: Please accept my invitation to join us in this ambition and come up with ideas and initiatives to make sure that this happens.

Onward, together!

International Advisory Board – Amsterdam Economic Board