Life Sciences & Health Amsterdam Program 2019-2022

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  • The Amsterdam region has a good starting position: the LSH sector is characterized by a close relationship between scientific research and the development and commercialization of technological applications: apart from two universities, two academic hospitals, various specialized research institutes, biobanks and patient cohorts for clinical studies, the region holds more than one hundred life sciences companies and nearly two hundred supply and support companies. And with the arrival of the European Medicine Agency (EMA) to the Netherlands and the upcoming Brexit, there is of course a unique opportunity to further strengthen the LSH cluster.

    In recent months, the Amsterdam Economic Board and the municipality of Amsterdam have collaborated with entrepreneurs, investors, companies, knowledge institutions, the region and the national government on an analysis of the situation of LSH in the Amsterdam region and the future opportunities. Amsterdam wil focus on three pillars, 1) developing the LSH proposition of Amsterdam 2) improving the business and innovation climate for LSH companies and 3) boosting connections within the LSH ecosystem .

    The Life Sciences and Health plan builds on the experiences and insights of the ecosystem approach by the Amsterdam Economic Board in the last four years and for example the existing Startup Amsterdam and Social Entrepreneurship programs. There is an explicit role for the municipality, in co-creation with other stakeholders, to develop and implement precisely those measures that are needed to strengthen the LSH cluster.


    Download here the  .pdf with the complete Program in Dutch: ActieprogrammaLSHDEF

    Amsterdam is committed to actively cooperate with other regions to further strengthen the Life Sciences & Health cluster in the Netherlands. Companies and investors, certainly also from abroad, look at the Netherlands as a whole and not at one Dutch region specifically. When developing the LSH proposition, it is important to choose a distinctive profile which is also beneficial for other regions. Innovation is increasingly coming from entrepreneurs and companies that collect and interpret (large amounts of) data in order to improve healthcare. Amsterdam has an excellent starting position in the field of Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence
    (AI). The bundling of these two distinctive Amsterdam forces – LSH and Data Sciences / AI – hides enormous (growth) potential and gives the Amsterdam region a world-class LSH profile. Moreover, a profile that attracts high-quality investments and talent, making the economic structure of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area futurproof. In addition, a successful ecosystem requires constant attention for more generic aspects such as talent, housing and business space, education and access to capital. Another important precondition for a successful ecosystem is the strengthening of cooperation between various parties. With this action program, the Amsterdam Economic Board, the City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam & Partners are joining forces and we are travelling this path together.



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