How do we successfully use digital technology for healthcare and well-being, keeping in mind the challenges and opportunities for digitalisation in the field of inclusion? This Zorg2025 event is all about digital inclusion – (e)Health for all.

Digital technology has become indispensable in the field of healthcare and wellness. By all accounts, the role of technology will only increase. On the one hand, this presents many opportunities and possibilities to increase access to healthcare. On the other hand, for a significant group of people, accessibility, or the use of technology is difficult and actually reduces access to care. How can we ensure that all can participate in the digital society? How can e-health help increase the number of people who have access to healthcare?


We have invited the following speakers for this:

  • Christine Dedding, associate professor of Participation & Co-creation at the Department of Ethics, Law and Humanities at Amsterdam UMC. Christine takes us through her research ‘Doing eHealth Right’, where the focus is not on the (digital) skills of patients and healthcare providers but rather on the innovative solutions at system level.
  • Tess den Uyl: Research consultant VicarVision. VicarVision has developed emotion analysis software that can detect facial expressions. Tess will explain 10 October how VicarVision has further developed this software for the care and welfare sector. For example, using this software in a care robot for the elderly to promote healthy ageing. The care robot uses the software to signal the non-verbal signals of the elderly, allowing personalised behavioural changes to be suggested.
  • Steven van de Vijver, general practitioner working at the Department of General Medicine at OLVG hospital in Amsterdam and at Amsterdam Health & Technology Institute. Steven will discuss the HealthEmove project to give undocumented people their own (medical) data in a personal data safe. Currently, it is a big problem that these people staying in all kinds of different locations in short periods of time within the Netherlands and Europe have no medical continuity and/or history. This initiative was started together with OLVG, Red Cross, Dokters van de Wereld, Patients Know Best (PGO), Kruispost and support municipality of Amsterdam.

Admission to this event is free. Registration is required; the registration link will follow shortly.

More information

Together with ahti, Amsterdam AI, Rabobank, ROM InWest and Sigra, we are organising the Zorg2025 meetings. These afternoons aim to bring together health and wellness innovators and professionals, industry, researchers and knowledge institutions in the field of healthcare and prevention. The premise is to share knowledge, new research and innovative applications.

Read more about the Zorg2025 meetings and find reports about previous editions.

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