Do you want to be inspired, experience Artificial Intelligence yourself, gain knowledge and expand your network? The universities of applied sciences of Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam are pleased to invite you to the first RAAIT event on location. RAAIT is an acronym for the programme Responsible Applied Artificial InTelligence (formerly known as SPRONG).

The event will take place on Wednesday, February 1, in Haarlem’s old domed prison. This is the home of Cupola XS, a partner within RAAIT.

Within RAAIT, colleges are working together and in co-creation with various partners on responsible AI solutions. Current AI research focuses mainly on technology. RAAIT aims to work toward practical applications that will actually benefit companies and institutions.

That is why on February 1 we will show great examples of AI in practice. What exactly that entails, we will announce later. In any case, you can experience AI for yourself through interactive installations during an expo.


  • Opening and welcome – Mike Rijkers, managing director Cupola XS
  • Role of AI in the city of Haarlem
  • Introduction RAAIT – Geert Wissink, program manager RAAIT
  • AI & Ethics – Maaike Harbers, lecturer Hogeschool Rotterdam
  • Discover RAAIT | Examples from practice & various break outs – How can we deploy responsible AI within the application areas of retail, business services and media?
  • Interactive panel discussion on the deployment of AI | We respond to stimulating statements and everyone participates: all participants in the room and the panel of RAAIT partners.
  • Networking drinks & AI expo | Who are all participating in RAAIT? Get to know each other better over snacks and drinks. There will also be an AI expo during the drinks. Take a look at various AI installations.

This is a private event. Would you like to attend? Please contact Gerty Holla or Laetitia Stuijt.

More information

The Responsible Applied Artificial InTelligence (RAAIT) program is a collaboration between Hogeschool Utrecht, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Hogeschool Rotterdam and a broad consortium of partners. The Amsterdam Economic Board is among these partners. RAAIT is the center for practice-based research on Responsible Applied AI in the Netherlands. It focuses on the following question: how can AI be designed, developed and implemented with an eye for intended and unintended consequences for the user, citizen and society?

Where and when?

Partner event
  • Responsible Applied AI
  • 01 Feb 2023
  • 3:00 -

    6:00 pm

Contact us

  • Gerty Holla | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Gerty Holla

    Lead Health

    Amsterdam Economic Board

  • Laetitia Stuijt | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Laetitia Stuijt

    Project Officer Leads and Strategy

    Amsterdam Economic Board




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