Data commons contribute to the vision for a responsible, sustainable and inclusive digital society. Join MozFest to hear more about how data commons are essential to sharing data in a responsible ways.

This session at MozFest 2023 is followed by a lively talk about AMdEX and the possibilities of a future, supported by data exchanges. Make sure to sign up for the AMdEX event as well!


Join this interactive workshop with thought leaders and participants on how data commons could work and what is needed to move it forward. The objectives of this session are:

    1. Sharing the narrative for data commons as an alternative way to share data
    2. Learning from the audience to deepen our understanding
    3. Expanding the data commons network

The event is held in English.

More information

Data commons are a human-centered approach towards digitalisation. They are driven by societal values, such as autonomy and the desire to remain in control over one’s own data. Data commons support societal topics like energy, health and mobility. The idea of data commons entails a governance solution in which stakeholders share data under various (dynamic) conditions for the benefit to solving a societal issue. In this collaborative model parties manage data collectively – there is not one central entity. The data is shared it for a societal purpose.

Although there is a vibrant international community of researchers and developers working on data commons, the actual application of data commons is relatively new. The Amsterdam Economic Board is working on a Data commons initiative, aimed at making data commons available to a wider group of stakeholders in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. So we can move towards new, responsible ways of sharing data.

This initiative is closely connected to the AMdEX initiative, which is working on developing a ‘digital notary’. AMdEX would provide and enforce contracts for data sharing, enabling organisations to safely share their data.

Where and when?

Board on stage
  • MozFest
  • 23 Mar 2023
  • 03:00 -

    04:00 pm

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  • Marjolein Bot | Amsterdam Economic Board

    Marjolein Bot

    Lead Energy & Digital

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